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What is the purpose of the Megawatt Scholarships?

Megawatt Scholarships are designed to support education in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  The scholarships are a way of giving back to the communities in which Wind for Industry® projects are initiated.


What does STEM stand for?

STEM is an acronym that stands for the academic disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education plays a major role in U.S. competitiveness and the country’s future economic prosperity.


What are some examples of STEM careers?

STEM disciplines encompass a variety of potential careers. From civil engineering to software development, medical research to wind turbine manufacturing, meteorology to marine architecture, and everything in between – there’s incredible opportunities within the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

For more information on STEM and STEM careers, check out these online resources:

STEM 101: An Introduction to Tomorrow’s Jobs – also available at

 STEM Education Coalition Resources – also available at


What is Wind for Industry®?

Wind for Industry® is a wind energy project designed to achieve a significant reduction of an industrial facility’s electrical consumption from the grid. These projects involve installing one or more utility-scale wind turbines and interconnecting them on the facility’s side of their utility meter.

The organizations providing Megawatt Scholarships have installed Wind for Industry® projects at one of more of their facilities. For each wind turbine installed, one $5,000 is made available for a high school senior in a neighboring school district.


What are the eligibility requirements for Megawatt Scholarships?

While each of the Megawatt Scholarships require that applicants be high school seniors pursuing an education in a STEM related field, additional eligibility requirements vary by scholarship.

To learn more about the requirements for each scholarship, visit, and check out each available award under the “Scholarships” drop down menu item.


Why are only some school districts eligible for Megawatt Scholarships?

Megawatt Scholarships are offered to high school seniors in the school districts near Wind for Industry® projects. The awards are a way to give back to the nearby community and encourage STEM education.


How do I find out if my school district is eligible?

All districts eligible for Megawatt Scholarships are listed at


My school district isn’t listed. Can I still apply?

At this time, only students in the school districts listed at may apply, however the program may expand in future years.


My school district is listed for multiple Megawatt Scholarship types. Why?

Both the application requirements and the eligible school districts may vary with each Megawatt Scholarship. Each scholarship is awarded to students from districts that neighbor a specific Wind for Industry® project. Some Ohio districts may be near more than one project.


I’m not a senior yet. Can I still apply?

At this time, Megawatt Scholarships are available for seniors only, however the awards are presented annually – so if you’re not yet a senior yet, be sure to apply once you are enrolled in 12th grade within an eligible school district.


When are the applications due?

Application deadlines vary by scholarship. To make sure you submit on time, check out the application requirements and deadlines listed for each award.

Visit, and check out the details for each available award under the “Scholarships” drop down menu item.


When is funding awarded?

Megawatt Scholarship award recipients will be notified each spring, with funding distributed in April - May of each calendar year.


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